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Prepaid Solutions

Carriers use Dial Peer to satisfy international termination needs of customers using prepaid telephony solutions in the form of calling cards or mobile minutes. Carriers with prepaid solutions often have customers who, while exceptionally price sensitive, need to terminate to countries that may not have the most up-to-date telecom infrastructures or the lowest pricing. Dial Peer provides seamless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)/Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) translation as part of all its connectivity services to ensure efficient operation and universal access. Beyond a technology solution, Dial Peer also provides a business solution to help carriers balance the price/quality equation.

Dial Peer Members use Market View to gather intelligence about route pricing and quality, practically in real-time, from the anonymous posting of bids and sell orders. As a Dial Peer Member, a buyer can select from a wide range of suppliers' individual routes. Dial Peer provides sellers with an alternative channel to maximize their revenue and facility efficiency.

In addition to trading voice telecommunications capacity on the open market, carriers can also take advantage of buying termination through bi-weekly and monthly services with Assured Peering. This fixed-price service is a fully managed solution that lets Members take advantage of Dial Peer's robust marketplace and expertise in managing global termination routes.

Dial Peer creates A-Z rate sheets by hand-selecting routes to offer buyers the right suppliers and efficiently routing traffic. Dial Peer selects the best carriers on the platform, so calls achieve the highest possible performance at specific cost targets. Members get the right balance of price and quality without volume commitments.

Prepaid solution providers can also take advantage of selling routes they own along with the fast settlement services provided by Dial Peer. With 15 net 15 standard terms and a credit management system, all Members get fast, guaranteed payment. Some Members opt for accelerated accounts receivable services with one of four options as part of Dial Peer's Quick Cash program.

Prepaid providers receive the following benefits from buying and selling voice minutes on Dial Peer

Quick Cash
Direct Peering
Assured Peering
Near real-time market intelligence
Highly competitive pricing
Choices in quality routes
More than 1,300 A-Z destinations, including lower volume locations
Fast or accelerated payment terms

More information on Dial Peer's products and services for prepaid service providers

Quick Cash
Receive net payments in as little as one or two business days
Direct Peering
Route calls on a branded basis directly to the in-country PTT or Tier-1 provider.
Assured Peering
Choose Assured Peering Value to buy routes from price-competitive sellers on Dial Peer's exchange.