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Associate Membership

Global sales distribution channel and competitive buying opportunities
Associate membership offers many of the benefits of selling on Dial Peer's robust marketplace and its expertise in managing global termination routes with only a minimum financial commitment. Associate Members generate revenue by selling a select number of global routes through the world's largest communications marketplace, while also accessing global termination from Dial Peer's A-Z managed services for purchase on a fully managed basis.

A Turnkey Sales Channel to the World

Associate Members have the opportunity to generate revenue immediately by selling routes in up to 10 countries per settlement period on Dial Peer's 1,000+ Member voice exchange. Our Credit Monitoring system and third-party underwriting by AIG protect sellers, and guarantees fast, reliable payment while reducing working capital costs.

Quick Cash accelerated settlement service enables Dial Peer's net-selling Members to collect receivable payments in as little as one or two business days, eliminating the need to rely on a line of credit or dip into existing capital to increase cash flow. Sellers can choose from four different options to meet financial, cash flow and administrative needs — including a same-day weekly payout option to meet Friday accounts payable obligations. Quick Cash makes it easy to manage expenses and re-invest funds to pursue business development opportunities.

Quick Cash's consistent payment schedule simplifies financial planning and can help reduce receivables processing costs. A reliable, secure electronic funds transfer service reduces the risk of delayed or lost payments.

Termination Options from A to Z

With more than 1,300 termination destinations, an Associate membership with Dial Peer provides a one-stop solution for all international call routing needs. Dial Peer creates A-Z rate sheets by hand-selecting routes to offer buyers the right suppliers and route traffic efficiently. Dial Peer selects the best carriers, so calls achieve the highest possible performance at specific cost targets. Our stable A to Z price lists integrates easily into routing and billing systems.

Dial Peer rates each route based on the quality of the most recent flow of traffic and applies a quality metric called Index of Quality (IQ). This information is updated regularly and can be viewed in Market View, a web-based tool for Members.

Associate membership with Dial Peer enables carriers to:

Leverage peering community of trusted partners
Maximize margins with competitive pricing for low volume destinations and overflow
Directly access Tier-1 and specialty supply
Optimize routing for price or quality
Simplify accounting with consolidated invoicing and one net settlement