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Assured Peering

Leverage market expertise and routing intelligence
Assured Peering
Leverage market expertise and routing intelligence
Many international carriers find that managing traffic flow to numerous global termination points is costly and time-consuming. They must negotiate lengthy contracts with multiple partners or vendors, process hundreds of orders a day and balance price versus quality options. Buyers need easy, cost-effective access to multiple termination destinations.

Assured Peering enables providers to take advantage of Dial Peer's marketplace and expertise in managing global termination routes. Dial Peer creates Assured Peering A-Z rate sheets by hand-selecting routes to offer buyers the right suppliers and route traffic efficiently. We select the best carriers on the platform, so calls achieve the highest possible performance at specific cost targets.

Termination Options From A to Z

With more than 1,300 worldwide termination destinations, Assured Peering is a fully managed one-stop solution for a broad range of international call routing needs:
Reliable pricing and quality, along with a full range of destinations, provide a convenient solution for managing primary international traffic
Providers can easily manage secondary, tertiary or overflow traffic so they can focus on core services
Manage selective routes to specific destinations, low volume or specialty markets without long-term volume commitments or contracts
Streamline business and operational efficiency with stable A-Z price lists that integrate seamlessly with routing and billing systems. Members can select the entire list, or choose only the routes they need. Dial Peer automatically routes calls to the world's fixed and mobile networks.

With Assured Peering, service providers benefit from:

Professionally managed service with preferred providers from Dial Peer's global marketplace
A-Z Rate-sheets optimized for quality or value to meet specific needs
An easy and intuitive user interface for downloading codes
Rate stability on a bi-weekly/monthly basis
Automatic VoIP/TDM conversion

Best Quality or Best Value

Choose Assured Peering Quality to buy routes from the highest performing sellers in Dial Peer's platform:
Dial Peer selects the best quality routes available on the platform
On-net routing where available
Direct routes to the in-country PTT or tier-1 provider
Caller Line Identity (CLI), fax and roaming termination capabilities where applicable
Rates are locked in for 30 days
Choose Assured Peering Value to buy routes from price-competitive sellers on Dial Peert's platform:
Professionally managed rate sheet balances the right combination of competitive price and quality
Rates are locked in for 15 days