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Mobile Solutions

Worldwide mobile penetration continues to increase. Dozens of countries are approaching or exceeding 100% household penetration. In developing markets, incumbents often use mobile telephony as the primary telecommunications infrastructure to avoid costly fixed line capital deployment. In regions where phone service, in general, was once uncommon, it's not unusual to record double-digit annual growth in mobile penetration. With market liberalization, more operators are entering the marketplace and pricing continues to decline. Mobile operators, like their fixed line counterparts, demand quality and high termination rates as they often directly affects their revenue models.

Customers expect high call completion rates to overseas destinations and solid voice quality. Poor termination and quality affect a service provider's brand, reputation, and competitiveness. International traffic can provide mobile operators with good margins, but only upon completing calls to the subscriber's desired destination. The nature of wireless technology, and the implicit variability associated with transmitting and receiving demands the highest quality services in the supply chain to ensure that calls are completed and not dropped.

Dial Peer offers mobile operators choices for terminating quality traffic, such as Direct Peering, which enables providers to route traffic directly to the in-country PTT or Tier-1 provider. Our dedicated account development and sales professionals can help carriers choose the best marketplaces and partners for managing their retail traffic.

Dial Peer also offers services for Members to buy and sell international and domestic routes privately, and expand partnership opportunities without adding management complexity. With private market relationships, Dial Peer's trading, routing and settlement services support the carrier's' own mutual agreements and relieve the burden of lower volume or inefficient bilateral or wholesale relationships.

Dial Peer's solutions for mobile markets include

Direct Peering
Route calls on a branded basis directly to the in-country PTT or Tier-1 provider
Private Peering
Manage your voice telecommunications partnerships more efficiently
Managed Peering
Obtain premium quality, highly managed termination to either expensive-to-reach or difficult-to-maintain destinations