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Private Peering

Expand partnership opportunities while reducing management complexity
Private Peering is a private marketplace on Dial Peer. Private Peering enables service providers to access a broad base of potential partners to increase revenue opportunities without incurring operational, administrative and technical inefficiencies from juggling too many carrier relationships and interconnections.

Manage Relationships Efficiently

Private Peering is a centralized hub for managing inefficient bilateral arrangements and increasing capacity for overflow. As part of our Private Peering, Dial Peer marketplace, Private Peering enables partnerships that bridge TDM to VoIP, geographic limitations, credit issues and barriers of scale.

Leverage the Dial Peer Platform

Using Dial Peer's web-based platform, carriers initiate direct, one-to-one connections with any carrier, Member or non-Member. Private Peering partners then discuss opportunities and negotiate prices. Once partners establish terms, Dial Peer manages the costly back-office operations including routing, reporting, credit risk, billing, and settlement. This enables service providers to decrease the time and resources spent on management functions.

Private Peering enables service providers to:

Coordinate multiple interconnects and customer relationships with limited resources
Choose their partnerships — manage trade agreements directly with Dial Peer Member or non-Member partners
Standardize terms and agreements with all partners and simplify code management
Eliminate VoIP–TDM conversion issues
View real-time quality and manage route changes online
Consolidate invoicing and payment to reduce collections and administrative costs
Centralized credit management and third-party underwriting to eliminate bad debt

Online Routing Reports

Real-time quality and alert management systems keep Members abreast of quality and traffic changes, and the routing manager provides the ability to make fast changes to routing configurations. Dial Peer's International Network Management Center (INMC) is available 24x7 to provide technical support for the platform.

Customized Email Alerts

Private Peering delivers customized email alerts to notify users immediately of any revenue-impacting activity, such as new offers, traffic patterns, quality issues or cancellations.

Domestic and International Arrangements

Private Peering enables partnerships for international voice termination as well as for termination for domestic traffic between partners.